Lake Sawyer kids is ready to drop a ton of fun right into your child's summer. We want to give kids age 4 through 5th grade the chance to learn more about sports, discover character-building concepts, and have a whole lot of fun! At MEGA Sports Camp elementary kids can choose between age 4&5 sports basics, basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, or cheerleading. It doesn't matter if they've played all their life or just getting started. MEGA Sports Camp helps kids improve their skills with all sorts of drills and practice games. Plus, we create a positive and encouraging environment that pumps up their confidence! Between sports sessions, coaches lead in songs and help kids experience inspiring sports and Bible stories to help character take hold in their hearts.

When: July 18-22 from 6:00p - 8:30p
Where: Lake Sawyer Church
Cost: $50 per child

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